Site 5. Bridget Griffiths + Madeleine Russo
Installation - Dimensions Variable, mediums of works:
'work 1' - gloss paper print 841mm X 1189mm 
'image 2' - mixed-media collage approx. 6x.6m
'windchime' - foil, metal, cotton and other materials, dimension variable

We are are two artists living in the same house in Kensington. Both of our practices playfully explore such didactics of interpersonal relationships and the shared histories of art practice and pop culture, and how they can be arranged within sculpture and painting.

This work offers a respite in the form of an altered or tweaked front porch decoration, wind chimes or other domestic platitudes. Transparent and printed fabrics are proposed to hang on two large windows upon on a double fronted house.

Varied aesthetic responses to the crisis have occurred in the domestic facade, an often neglected space for artistic practice, yet house facades have always been a site for virtue signalling, activism and solidarity with the community. These are all themes that have enveloped contemporary art practice. As emerging artists, Bridget and Madeleine have been trained in the latter, but have always been concerned with the blind spot this creates for direct action. The current crisis has offered public forums to collide with the domestic on a more accessible scale, and creates an opportunity to carve a new way of communicating.