Site 2. Haydn Allen
The Pigeon Video
Video - 6 minutes 16 seconds

I am a young queer artist living and working in Kensington. My practice spans installation, video, photography and painting, though during the pandemic I have focused primarily on two-dimensional mixed-media works and paintings. Sustainability is at the forefront of these works, often using recycled and scavenged materials as the basis for new artworks.

This work is about pigeons. The artist was undertaking a study of pigeons at the time the work was developed and explores the desire to form a deeper connection with the local environment. Through a process of knowing, observing and connecting, this work is about looking for new ways to relate to the earth within the restrains of our bizarre inner suburban environment. As the artist runs/walks the exact same path every day, the repetitive action of passing by the bridge, the birds and the creek is represented in the seamless cadenced imagery of fluffing and flapping, creating a meditative pigeon induced trance state. Spending time with pigeons as a diversion from the mundane, this video work aims to find a sense of peace and connection in the little strips of ‘nature’ we’re provided in our 5km radius. Barefoot in the Moonee Ponds Creek, making a mandala out of birdseed and trying to summon the pigeons, the artist recorded the sound for this video by satirising the tutting and cooing of the birds he romanticises through the video image.