Site 1. Jenny Pitts
Covid Rainbow
Mixed media collage, paper, found images and text, core flute, wood
1330 x 880 cm


My work aims to suggest a small note of optimism, a moment of pleasure or even just a brief diversion. Whether consciously or subconsciously received, this collage has the potential for reassurance and sympathetic communication.

Embedded in the facade of the artist’s home, Covid Rainbow seeks to connect passers-by with a variegation of intense colour and pattern. Inspired by a child’s painting in a window, the mixed media collage reappropriates magazine cut outs and found imagery to indicate something more than the printed media in which we seek to absorb during isolation. The focused, contemplative, almost meditative craft of collage juxtaposes words, gestures and expressions in a ritualistic ordering. In a world that is so disordered and disconnected, this work offers a symbol of social connection.