Site 2. Kelly Altair
Stoneware clay, glazes, plywood
100 x 90 cm


I am an emerging artist working out of a ceramic studio I built in my garage. My work has an intensity that allows me to escape the harshness of life. The intention of this work is to communicate the strong connection I have formed with the streets of my neighbourhood during lockdown.

As a celebration of the artist’s neighbourhood, this work maps the geography of an urban environment that has become our collective boundary. Simplified geometric shapes locked together in an intricate arrangement reflect one part of history and place, suggesting a promising proposition to look at our current experience with a wider view. Glass formers, fluxes and refractories are trialled and tested - as the artist develops their own formulas for glazes, this DIY culture references hard times, communicating a desire to survive. As well as this work being a study that embraces the blueprint of our neighbourhood, it also considers notions of persistence and endurance. The initial fragility of the clay material transformed by the artists’ process of rendering a hard surface signifies the strength of our community.