Site 5. Lorenzo Pavesi
Acrylic paint + thread on canvas - 75 X 60 cm

︎ lv.fiftyfive

My minimalist style aims to promote self-resilience and internal balance. I am interested in the intersections between art, craft and décor.

“Imparo” is one of the artist’s mantras that he repeats to himself as a provocation toward focus and openness. As part of the artist’s process, he has developed his own symbols representing language, and repetitively stitches this word “Imparo” into the surface of his paintings. This formulaic approach is repeated multiple times, rhythmically, as a reminder to live life openly - Imparo meaning “I learn” in Italian. The geometric and restrained décor style plays an important role in the artist’s desire for aesthetic order and sterility - a desire heightened during this challenging time of disorder and necessary yet compulsive hygiene practices.