Site 6. Sally Ann McIntyre + Campbell Walker
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New work by Sally Ann McIntyre and Campbell Walker
Daily sound from 8am-8pm | video projections from 6pm-9pm
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Our collaboration focuses on cartographic concepts, the location of perception, and the possibility of movement within restraint. We detail a set of non-concentric, yet shared circles of transmission, composition, and recording as material and spatial frameworks, and in doing so elaborate the desire for understanding shared perceptive experiences, while acknowledging the location of bodies and perceptions.

Two parallel works in different media by two artists; this work explores different ways of understanding the worlds we're living in during the lockdown. Campbell's work - which will be projected onto the wall inside of the artist’s house and will be visible through the window from Rankins Road in the evenings – records a series of trips to the literal edge of the world right now, to walk the arc of the 5km perimeter from our houses, to both traverse and record this delimiting of our lives.

Where Campbell's piece goes out of Kensington to the edges of allowed space, Sally uses a home-made radio transmitter to localise the scale of listening to the world directly outside of the house. For the duration of the project, she'll leave a series of daily listening/text instructional scores outside the house for people to go and discover for themselves locally, a kind of solitary and remote, yet shared located listening exercise. Listeners will be invited to respond to these scores, and Sally will then draw on these responses to generate an evolving sound work. This will be transmitted through the radio waves as a series of programmes, to be tuned into within a small radius, directly outside the house. Bring a radio (or radio-capable phone) to tune in – instructions and schedule will be on the front door.