Site 4. curtis moulton
+5k Fougère
Fragrance Installation - Natural Essential Oil Extracts,  Ceramic Oil Burners, Candles,
Copperware, Found Mirror - daily duration 10:00 - 17:00

As an artist, I explore the ‘ethereal arts’ -non-concrete/intangible mediums. I work in sound and sonics, movement and dance, and more recently fragrance and olfactory investigation.

“+5k Fougère” utilises a scent installation to evoke near distances we knew not so long ago. ‘Fougère’ - literal translation from the French for Fern - is a perfume classification/genre denoting a ‘forest’ type smell.

Smell is tied to breathe which we often take for granted. Currently, in these days, we find our selfs subject to concealing and obstructing our breathing passageways.  The olfactory neural pathway has fascinating power to evoke memory, nostalgia and emotion; igniting imagination. This work encourages viewers to close their eyes for a few breaths and allow the conversation between scent and imagination to take them beyond the lockdown limits; questioning our relationship to these places both within and beyond; highlighting the here and now. The artist is excited by the thought of unknown passers-by breathing in the artwork, which will be an anomaly to the blossoming springtime Kensington air; the artist hopes that this “happening” can accentuate one’s relation to their breath behind the mask, bringing forward consciousness/attention/intention.